Whale Watching Cruises in Sydney. Personalised Whale Watching tours onboard Yackatoon.

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Sydney Luxury Charters offers a unique, exclusive group charter to view migrating whales off the coast.

Every year, between Late May until Early August and Mid September until November, about 6,000 whales migrate along the Australian coastline to their feeding and breeding grounds.

Sydney is in a very fortunate position to see the whales on both the Winter migration (Late May until Early August) and the Spring Migration (Mid September until November).


As a part of their migratory path, many Humpbacks and Southern Right Whales swim very close to the coastline around Sydney. Remember the exciting scenes in 2002 when whales could be seen swimming under the Harbour Bridge and up to Balls Head on the inner harbour?


During your experience you may also encounter dolphins, penguins, seals and various ocean birds.

Your exclusive group size can be up to 11 people.

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